Making FAIR data practices more accessible

Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR) data practices are taking the biomedical research world by storm. We build open source tools to help researchers navigate through them.

Our Vision

Only with tools that support and assist researchers we will achieve a widespread adoption of FAIR Data practices.

What is FAIR?

The FAIR Data Principles are a set of guidelines for curating and sharing research data such that they are reusable by both human and machines.

Why is it important?

FAIR data practices are crucial for ensuring reproducibility of scientific findings and enabling AI/ML-driven analysis to increase the pace of new discoveries.

What are the challenges?

Despite effort from funding agencies, industry, and researchers, FAIR data practices are not widely adopted due to their complex nature and lack of support.

What do we do?

We develop open source tools that enhance FAIR data practices for biomedical researchers through automation and intuitive user interfaces.
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About Us

FAIR Data Innovations Hub is a division of the California Medical Innovations Institute (CalMI2), a non profit biomedical research organization located in San Diego, California. We have a multidisciplinary team of enthusiasts about FAIR Data practices and software development.

Current Projects

These are the projects we are working on at the moment.

SODA (Software to Organize Data Automatically) for SPARC is a desktop software intended to facilitate the data organization and submission process for SPARC investigators according to the FAIR SPARC data standards.

SODA for SPARC logo

KnowMore is an automated knowledge discovery tool that allows users of the portal to visualize, in just a few clicks, potential similarities, differences, and connections between multiple SPARC datasets of their choice.

SODA for SPARC logo

SPARClink is a system that queries publications using open source tools and platforms and create an interactable visualization that showcases the impact that SPARC and their FAIR data practices have in advancing the field of bioelectronic medicine.

SODA for SPARC logo

AQUA (Advanced QUery Architecture for the SPARC Portal) improves the SPARC Portal by making the search engine smarter at understanding user search keywords, enhancing the result display, and providing users with better result filtering and sorting options.

SODA for SPARC logo

SODA (Sofware to Organize Data Automatically) for COVID-19 Research is a cross-platform desktop software that allows researchers to easily organize and share their COVID-19 related research data according to applicable FAIR guidelines.

SODA for SPARC logo

Where do our tools make a difference?

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