Simplifying FAIR data practices to empower AI-driven discoveries

We develop open source tools, standards, and guidelines that support biomedical researchers in preparing and sharing data, software, and other research outcomes such that they are FAIR, i.e. optimally reusable by both humans and machines

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What we are cooking

There is a lot more in the pipeline!

The FAIR Data wave

The FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) Principles are a set of instructions for sharing data and other research outcomes such that they are optimally reusable. Since their publication in 2016, they have been promoted and adopted by a large number of stakeholders in research data including the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

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Sharing is caring... but also daunting

Sharing FAIR data is not trivial as this involves formatting data into specific file format, organizing data files consistently, including metadata according to applicable standards, uploading data to a suitable repository, and more. This adds significant burden on researchers who are typically not trained or supported to do this. As result, they are either not making data FAIR or not doing it properly.

Simple guidelines and open-source tools for the win!

We believe that researchers already have enough work and responsibilities on their hands. Therefore, making data, software, and other research outcomes FAIR should be made very easy for them. We are trying to achieve that through two main approaches:

  • Developing minimal, step-by-step, and actionable guidelines for preparing and sharing FAIR datasets, software, and other research outcomes such that researchers can easily follow and implement them.
  • Developing open-source and free tools that streamline the implementation of these guidelines and minimize researchers' time and effort through a combination of intuitive user interfaces, AI, and automation.
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A little bit about us

FAIR Data Innovations Hub is a division of the California Medical Innovations Institute (CalMI2), a non profit biomedical research organization located in San Diego, California. We started this division in 2019 and now have a multidisciplinary team of enthusiasts about FAIR Data practices and software development.

We are making a difference

Our work has led to peer-reviewed publications, development of open-source software, establishment of new standards and guidelines, conference presentations, and much more.

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Let's get in touch

Need help with sharing data or research software? Want to collaborate on a cool new project or grant proposal? Have feedback or suggestions? Reach out to us!

We won't be able to do this alone!

Our work would not be possible without our incredible collaborators at various institutions all over the world.

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